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Matthew Moeller

Sailor, Singer, Songwriter

Matthew Moeller, a third generation resident of the Puget Sound, writes and sings of his home waters, Puget Sound, Washington. Having honed his talent as a shantyman aboard tall ships, schooners, steamers and ferry boats, he spins the yarns of an old salt come home from the sea. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes raucous and always entertaining, his songs and verse highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific NW.


Featured at festivals, fairs and farmer’s markets, in coffee houses and pubs around the Pacific Northwest, Matthew’s performances are known for their wry humor, poignant history and powerful images, a polished and powerful performer.


“Reaching Home”


“a sweet and melodic collection of originals that evoke the life on the ocean…peopled with old salts, gentle drunks and blind fiddlers…Tales you’ll not grow tired of hearing”


Victory Music Review 9/05



Born into a musical family in 1954, Matthew grew up to the sound of music. A piano playing mother and multi-instrumentalist, DJ father, a choir leader grandfather and leading soprano grandmother, ensured a home full of music, growing up. School plays, sing-a-longs on camping outings, and a lack of talent playing sports, soon encouraged him to pursue music and theatre. That resulted in a degree in theatre from the University of Washington, but not gainful employment. A job at the City of Seattle was then substituted for the college education for the next 25 years.


Matthew’s love of history and the maritime world came together in 2005 when he and his wife, Lanita, purchased and moved aboard Sea Lass, a 52 foot long, Scottish built, motor yacht, a Dunkirk veteran. Aboard their beloved home for, they cruised the Salish Sea for nine years with their two cats, Zoe and Mei Li.


Now retired, he still pursues music and theatre, today, in his songs and at Harlequin Productions in Olympia, WA. He has appeared with various groups including the infamous Budd Bay Buccaneers, The Whateverly Brothers and Tugboat Bromberg.


He now resides ashore in Olympia with Lanita and cats, Zoe and Petal.

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